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Benefits to Proper Pricing

Now that we’ve covered market value, let’s talk a bit more about why proper pricing matters. While sellers might not agree with their Realtor, the following are reasons to trust them.

Faster Sale

When your home sells faster, you save. In fact, you save a lot. For example, houses that stay on the market ride up carrying costs, mortgage payments, and other ownership costs. Plus, faster sales means less stress for you and your family.

More Convenience

If you’ve moved before, you likely aren’t looking forward to doing it again. Moving is a crazy whirlwind. And, the longer your home is on the market, the more energy it takes. From keeping the home clean to making child care arrangements and often altering your lifestyle, it’s honestly a pain. Proper pricing reduces the time spent in this whirlwind phase.

Exposure To More Buyers

An overpriced home isn’t attracting the right buyers. Likewise, a properly priced home opens your home to more people who can actually afford the price.

Increased Agent Response

Agents, like buyers, get excited about homes too. And, when agents are excited about a home and its price, they’ll make extra calls. The right price brings in the best effort from all Realtors.

Better Response From Ad and Sign Calls

Ad calls and sign calls to agents turn into showings and sales when the price is not a deterrent.

Attracts Higher Offers

When a home is at the right price, buyers are less likely to come in with a low offer.

Proper Price: Check!

Now that the price is right, let’s discuss those offers!

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